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Burbridge Detective Agency is an Indiana licensed private investigator firm that assists attorneys, businesses, government agencies, and individuals on criminal, civil, & domestic investigations. It is our mission to provide our clients the information and supplies needed to protect themselves, people close to them, and their assets. Whether you need to hire a Indiana Private Investigator, or need Nationwide Services to assist your own investigation, we can help.

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Spy Video Cameras & Recorders:

  • Hidden Video Cameras
  • Spy Video Recorders
  • Body Worn Spy Cameras

Voice Recorders:

  • Phone Recorders
  • Audio Spy Recorders
  • Telephone Voice Changers

GPS Covert Tracking:

  • GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking Devices

Computer Surveillance:

  • Computer Activity Recording

Bug Detectors & Listening Devices:

  • Bug & Phone Tap Detectors
  • Listening Spy Devices

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